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Super spiders in the city

Wolf Spider

Most of us assume the creepiest of creepy-crawlers are found in the wild – for instance, that you’d be more likely to encounter a spider the size of your face while camping than while dragging your trash cans out to the sidewalk.



Raw sewage in New York

Gowanus Canal

Many of us take for granted the relatively seamless workings of our infrastructure – sewage systems, for instance. Yet in New York City, and particularly Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, the system is far from seamless. In fact, the reality is both alarming and a major public health hazard.



Sharing a cab


If you have ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in New York City – and if you have ever been to New York City, you surely have – you probably noticed that a large percentage of the cars on the road are taxis. In fact, New York has over 13,000 cabs on its streets.



Smokey the Bear turns 70

Smokey the Bear

August marked not just the anniversary of America’s longest-running public service campaign, but also a birthday – Smokey the Bear turned 70.



Vertical farming

vertical farming 

Feeding 7 billion people is clearly one of the greatest challenges we face and estimates are that by the end of the century, the world’s population could reach 10 to 12 billion people.


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