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Nanoscale Batteries

electric vehicle 

Electric vehicles and renewable energy are widely thought to be essential in combating climate change. Both desperately need better and cheaper batteries if they are to achieve truly widespread use.



Big Plans For Better Batteries

Army Scientists - Battery Research 

The government has established goals for the next decade to produce a quarter of the country’s electricity from solar and wind power and to have a million all-electric vehicles on the road. If these goals are to be met, we will need cheaper batteries with higher energy density and faster charging time.



A Tale Of Syrup And Seeds

maple syrup 

For decades, maple syrup producers have looked to the weather to gauge sap yields. But new research reveals a more valuable prediction tool: the number of seed helicopters that rained down from sugar maple trees in the fall.



Geoengineering: Not A Quick Fix


Geoengineering – the deliberate, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system – is the subject of continuing speculation by researchers from many disciplines. The notion is that if our efforts to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions are too little or too late, we may have to try to change the climate deliberately.



Using Less Water


According a new report from the US Geological Survey, water use across the country has reached its lowest level in 45 years. This reflects positive trends in conservation achieved by improved water-use technologies and water management.


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