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Climate change and food


A study led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that climate change may pose an even greater threat to the global food supply than previously thought. That’s because higher temperatures will also increase air pollution. A significant increase in the production of ozone, a toxic gas, could prove deadly for many important crops.



More efficient solar panels


The most important metric for solar panels is the cost of generating a given amount of power.   As this number drops, the case for using solar power becomes increasingly compelling.



Environmental drones


A mention of drones most likely brings to mind military operations or, more recently, their potential future as delivery carriers for companies like Amazon.



New desalination technologies


In an era of rising water demands and more frequent extreme droughts, there is growing interest in desalination technologies.  Removing the salt from seawater or various impurities from wastewater are among the few ways of obtaining fresh water that are independent of rainfall.



The length of a bee’s tongue


Most of us have probably never given much thought to the length of a bee’s tongue – or, for that matter, the fact that bees even have tongues. Yet new research suggests tongue length may be a key factor in bees’ ability to survive their ever-changing environment.


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